700 years of story


Below you will find a brief summary of the 700 years of the Ferro family's history.

Nomads but at the same time tied to their roots, the Ferros, after the terrible plague of 1630 that had decimated the local population, including glass workers, they come back in Murano and soon find themselves counted among the local notables as Deputies of the island, occupying this position of prestige for 27 times in the eighteenth century.

Belonging to the local productive and vital elite, the Ferros become major Gastalds of the school of San Nicolò, which brings together masters and glass masters and directs the activities of glassworks. Moreover, for twice their blazon figure engraved in the Oselle, the coin that the Venetian mint coined specifically for the Murano community.

Almost to represent their double nature, the blazon of the Ferro family is composed by an anchor, symbol of stability and bond with the territory, and a comet, indispensable instrument of travel and adventures by sea.
From them descend the Ferro masters who founded the furnaces, still active today in Murano.


The economic-commercial strategy of development of the Fornace Ferro Murano foresees an increase in sales of the range of Luxury Glass products corresponding to all the buildings for construction, interior decoration and design, realized both on design and production.

The versatility of the product makes it suitable for many applications and personalization thanks to a special system that allows the creation of mixtures and models, born from the synergic collaboration between the various divisions of Fornace Ferro Murano:

Artistic Department and Experimental department conducted by Commendator Guido. Glass production and Research Centre directed by Diego Ferro, the Division Fornace Ferro Murano Development coordinated by Diego Ferro and engineer Canzoniero.