Ferro Murano in the respect of the continuous research and experimentation that has historically characterized it in the production of artistic glass, it proposes a new challenge: slabs in Murano glass of various sizes, of changing colours, with many decorations, unique and precious blends for exterior decoration, interior decoration and design.

Ferro Murano invades another frontier, surpassing the traditional concept of product, in favour of a real system for architecture, which aims to create a type of slab with a square or rectangular shape of different size and chromaticity, with transparent, opaque and semi-opaque finishes.

The set of these coordinating and modular products, which expands in an almost unlimited way the creative and expressive possibilities of the designers thanks to the wide chromatic range and to the variety of formats, ranging from 50x50cm in crescendo, in order to enhance the large spaces. The use of a highly innovative technology exalts its technical and material characteristics, the set of extraordinary aesthetic valences qualifies it as a product of excellence for the application as a coating for exterior and interior.

Its technical and aesthetic characteristics make Murano's artistic glass suitable for any use, for unlimited modularity, internal and external, allowing a complete design, from an apartment to a building, to a whole City.


The technical division of FERROMURANO is dedicated to support the world of design and construction in the realization of surface coating systems for indoor and outdoor. Proposals and realizations in Italy and around the world have allowed to develop systems and solutions of extreme reliability and security alongside architects, designers and builders during the whole process of the project and of the construction.

Ferro Murano is not only a manufacturer and supplier of Murano's artistic glass but it is proposed as a reliable partner, ready to support and assist the various operators at all stages of the work.