Art Design in Murano

Making glass and Art Design in Murano is to continue a millenary tradition, a history of knowledge, secrets and skills that are precious patrimony of the company's mission, of an entrepreneurial reality born under the creative impulse of Guido, Diego and Omar Ferro. The secrets and techniques of the glass masters conjugated to the construction of a collaborative relationship with the most famous Italian and foreign interior decoration, over the years, have traced the success of numerous collections.


Fornace Ferro Murano is today a company brand in the production of glassware tradition; a proposal of furnishing, of style and design for the contemporary living that proposes to us the glass and its many faces.
Furnishing with colour and with the most innovative lines, admiring the changing reflections of light and elusive of a unique and unrepeatable object, to be able to tie their personality to an object are the most immediate experiences of each of the proposed creations.


Fornace Ferro Murano is located at Fondamenta San Giovanni dei Battuti, 4, in Murano (VE); It is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00.

To answer any doubt or question, you can reach the office or contact the landline telephone number 041736788.
If you wish to have a unique and particular object of its kind, which perfectly reflects your being and your style, Fornace Ferro Murano is what you are looking for.