We are online with our Welcome post from the News page of the glassmaker Fornace Ferro Murano dedicated to our loyal customers and to those who are connecting with us for the first time.

Opening a page entirely dedicated to our company represents a new adventure in which make available our knowledge, but it gives us above all the opportunity of reaching who doesn’t know us.

Our purpose is to tell you the best of our glassmaker, giving useful information about our services and reply to all your comments and requests. Don’t hesitate to contact us or ask for information. We would satisfy your requests as soon as possible. The glassmaker in Murano, Fornace Ferro Murano, is today a company brand in the production of glassware tradition; a proposal of furnishing, of style and design for the contemporary living that proposes to us the glass and its many faces.

Ferro Murano Development turns its gaze through technological studies to new constructive technical conceptions in order to develop structural projects with the aid of Murano glass slabs designed to become parts of futuristic buildings. Browsing the pages of our website, you will find useful information about our activity and contacts to reach us by mail, phone or come to our head office. All the staff of the glassmaker Fornace Ferro Murano wishes you a good read.